Lockdowns and quarantine protocols have planted a shift in the way consumers think. Anyone who has attended weddings on a live stream, hosted a virtual trivia night, or shopped online for groceries is familiar with how extensively COVID-19 has changed consumer behavior. But are these changes here to stay? 

According to a McKinsey [1] report, in 2020 there was a 30% rise in online consumers in the U.S. The same study also reports that 75% of consumers are open to trying a new shopping behavior in response to the pandemic with economic pressures and offline stores closing down.

In addition to this, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce [2], consumers spent $791.70 billion online in 2020, 32.4% more than in 2019. That is the highest annual e-commerce growth in the last two decades.

Digital shopping is here to stay

With the rising adoption of e-commerce, it’s important for companies to innovate for consumers to keep coming back to their sites. For brands, this rise in digital customers presents an opportunity to engage and provide better experiences. SitePlug offers innovative products and solutions that enable e-commerce brands to boost their sales and acquire more customers.

Leveraging SitePlug’s products for traffic generation

SitePlug drives incremental sales for brands using the power of search and content. It provides a range of products that help brands create seamless purchase journeys for their customers.

Site Discover, for instance, increases brand visibility for high-intent users with the help of relevant content placement during their purchase journey. Every user follows a process when it comes to online shopping. They research the product, check reviews, compare prices and then make the purchase from a trusted site offering the best discount. Site Discover nudges the user to the brand page with widgets, banners, coupons, or email inserts. It influences the user’s decision and encourages them to complete the purchase with data-backed insights and call to action buttons.

And did you know that a brand loses approximately 20% of its targeted customers due to a mere typo? Brands tend to lose marketing money if a potential buyer inputs the wrong domain name. However, Site Direct, also a SitePlug product, identifies user domain errors, typos, and spelling mistakes and redirects them to the brand page. SiteDirect keeps the user’s purchase intent alive even if their search involves a typing error. Thus, brands benefit from higher sales conversion, improved customer loyalty, and optimum use of their marketing budget.

In this fast-paced world, users lack the patience to endure a long and complicated purchase journey. With Site Suggest, brands can convert a complex user journey to a single-click one. When a user types a product name in the search box, Site Suggest identifies the user’s inputs and proactively recommends your brand, helping to push high-intent users to complete their journeys.

SitePlug drives growth for your site

Global brands have chosen SitePlug as their preferred partner to drive sales and business with its unique product offerings. E-commerce giants in the US use SitePlug to scale their reach and improve conversion rates. SitePlug’s innovative solutions provide an invaluable contribution to the growth of its e-commerce partners. Brands have a lot to gain from their partnership with SitePlug to boost their sales and growth through seamless customer journeys and higher conversion rates.

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