2020 was a year of zoom meetings, social distancing, and the world adapting to an online existence over an offline one. 2021, on the other hand, saw Covid-19 restrictions ease up. Consumer behavior, however, has been permanently altered considering those who were wary of shopping online are now lured by the convenience of orders delivered to their doorstep. 

According to the US Department of Commerce, Americans spent $791.7 billion online in 2020, a significant jump of 32.4% from 2019. And this number is on the upswing, especially with Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other holidays around the corner. According to the Adobe Digital Economy Index, Black Friday 2020 generated $9 billion in online sales. It also makes sense for brands to tap into the potential of holidays like Singles Day; in 2020, Alibaba and JD.com, made $115 billion on just this day, setting a new record!

As the holiday season kicks in and consumer sentiment turns positive, large retailers are pushing their virtual storefronts, their brick-and-mortar stores taking a backseat. 

Bring customers to your online store

The holiday season has ushered in a mindset for consumers to shop and celebrate with their loved ones. They are browsing the internet for deferred payments (buy now pay later options), looking for an enhanced shopping experience (curbside pickup) and financial rewards such as cashback or free shipping. This is an opportunity for e-commerce companies to showcase their products to attract consumers towards their sites. 

Companies like Siteplug offer unique products and tailored solutions that make brands stand out in a very cluttered market. The company’s products drive sales using the power of search and content. Siteplug has helped e-commerce companies generate:

SitePlug enabled top brands in e-commerce categories to generate sales over $200MN: 

How brands can get more with Siteplug 

E-commerce brands need to be present where high intent customers are. Leveraging the power of content and search, Siteplug’s portfolio of products helps deliver more clicks, leading to better conversions.

Customers are always on the lookout for good deals. They spend time doing extensive research before adding products to the cart. In this journey, customers typically browse through user reviews, look for deals and coupons and check in on social chatter about the products. This is where SitePlug’s Site Discover plays a huge role, nudging them towards a purchase. It plugs in ‘Buy now’ widgets, coupons, banners, and email inserts to help brands remain top-of-mind and encourage them to complete their purchase. 

One of the things that can break an e-commerce user’s journey is a typo. An innocuous error in spelling takes customers to malicious websites or 404 error pages. For the e-commerce brand, this could mean the loss of a high-intent customer, a lost sale opportunity, and a dip in reputation. Site Direct – another SitePlug product – swiftly identifies typos and spelling errors, redirecting users to the brand page. For e-commerce brands, this means higher conversions, enhanced visibility, and optimum use of marketing budgets. 

As per eMarketer forecasts from Insider Intelligence, Thanksgiving Day e-commerce sales reached $4.13 billion in 2019. In 2021, that figure is expected to hit $6.21 billion. During the holiday season, when customers are flooded by tempting offers, e-commerce brands need to capture their interest early. Brands need quick recall and must appear in the user’s search before competitors lead them away. Site Suggest identifies the user’s input on search engines, leading them right to the brand’s link by bypassing the search page. SiteSuggest converts a convoluted user journey into a convenient single-click passage. The navigation is 2 times faster! The brand’s product is showcased and the customer’s journey is thereby enriched. 

Grow with SitePlug

E-commerce brands can discover more bang for their buck with SitePlug this holiday season. Large retailers in the US partner with SitePlug to boost their conversion rates, seeing great success. In an extremely busy marketplace with all brands vying for the customer’s dollar, e-commerce players can take advantage of SitePlug’s products to improve visibility and drive sales. It truly is the season to be jolly. 

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