Revenue Optimization at Scale

If you are managing over a thousand merchants on your website, then you need to be making at least 30K ~ {1,000 merchants x 2 device types (desktop and mobile) x 3 demand partners for each merchant x 5 top countries} decisions every day to achieve peak commerce revenue.

We automate this.
Nucleus, the commerce SSP that makes demand partners compete for your clicks.


We bring together all your performance data across all your commerce partners in one centralized reporting console.

You're Always
in Control

Your clicks, your demand relationships, your content, your traffic, you get paid directly

- we just automate it all for you

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For commerce publishers using commerce links
  • What will you see in a scheduled demo?
    The demo showcases the platform and its features. We understand your business and demonstrate how Nucleus can deliver your goals effectively with the help of real-world use cases. The demo will educate you thoroughly on the automation platform and how seamlessly it will help you gain higher revenue through your commerce publishing.
  • Can you commence a trial and what is the duration of the trial?
    Yes, you may begin your one-month free trial after the demo call and the payment of the migration fees, if applicable.
  • Do you need an engineer to help set up Nucleus?
    No, you do not need any technical support to start using Nucleus. All you must do is insert the URLs generated by the platform within your website. If you wish to track click Ids or use deep links, only then will you need minimal technical support.
  • Why must you use Nucleus?
    Nucleus is an automation platform for commerce publishers. On average, a commerce publisher must make up to 30,000+ decisions a day to achieve peak revenue. Nucleus is a commerce SSP that makes demand partners compete for your merchant clicks and earns you the highest revenue, consolidates all your data in one centralized dashboard and provides smart widgets to increase consumer engagement; all while giving you complete control of the clicks, demand relationships, user experience and traffic.
  • What are the core features of the platform?
    The core features of Nucleus are,
    - Revenue optimization at scale – the platform creates a healthy auction among all your demand relations to earn you the highest revenue
    - Centralized reporting – the platform aggregates all your data in one dashboard for you to gain better and holistic insights
    - Smart widgets – the technology places the most relevant ‘buy now’ widgets across your website while maintaining your UI and UX. This helps increase your consumer engagement by providing multiple highly relevant touchpoints to conversions and monetization.
  • What happens to your existing demand relationships with affiliate networks?
    Publishers can plug in their existing affiliate network relations into Nucleus and treat them as demand partners. In case publishers need to add relations that do not exist in our pre-integrated partner list, this can be done within 7 working days from the receipt of the integration manual.
  • How can you drive incremental value by auctioning merchant links?
    Auction helps in creating healthy competition wherein the highest-paying demand partner wins the click. Nucleus enables publishers to conduct real-time auctions even between multiple payment models like fixed CPC, variable CPC, CPA or RTB (CPC).
  • Why should you use more than one demand partner to monetize merchant links?
    By creating healthy competition between your demand partners, you can gain the highest earnings per click (EPC), resulting in an increase in your monetization.
  • How do you know if Nucleus is compatible with your CMS?
    Nucleus is CMS agnostic. Publishers can integrate in either of the following ways.
    a. By inserting merchant URLs generated from Nucleus into the webpage
    b By server-to-server click-forwarding to the Nucleus merchant URL
  • How are Nucleus's widgets different from your existing content-to-commerce (C2C) widgets?
    Nucleus' smart widgets will not only create native widgets thereby garnering clicks, but Nucleus' smart redirects will also ensure maximum earning by creating competition among demand partners
For publishers who are new to commerce publishing
  • What is e-commerce content?
    Content in the form of articles that contain monetized links to products that can be purchased online is known as e-commerce content. These articles often take the form of gift guides or product reviews and for every purchase made through a monetized link (affiliate link) on a piece of commerce content, publishers receive a commission paid out by the merchant.
  • How do publishers earn commissions?
    Affiliate links contain unique network identifiers that allow affiliate networks to track and record transactions. The networks ensure that the commission from these transactions is allocated and credited to the appropriate source.
  • How do publishers find products to promote in their content?
    Editorial teams conduct extensive research to create engaging content with products they think will interest their readers. One common strategy for this is to look at what other publishers are doing for inspiration.

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