Can you believe it’s already Mid-March? And we are ready to embark on an exhilarating journey through the remaining industry events for the first half of the year 2024 that promise nothing but extraordinary.  

At SitePlug, we’ve been riding the wave of Q1 marketing conferences, and now it’s time to brace yourselves for even bigger adventures in the coming months!  

Affiliate conferences are rich sources of insights, connections, and industry discussions. Just like you, we’re there to make deals, learn, and collaborate!  

Join us on the affiliate journey, here is where we will connect:   

As captivating as Las Vegas may be, ShopTalk adds an extra layer of excitement! Boasting an impressive roster of speakers and compelling content, the event draws in the world’s largest online retailers and brands. And we wouldn’t miss it for the world!   

Being a part of ShopTalk for two years now, our AVP, Advertiser Sales, Sagar Joshi, said, “ShopTalk is a perfect matchmaking platform where brands, agencies, networks, and more can find a perfect solution just like us! With over 70,000 meetings scheduled across the event days, the potential reach is phenomenal.”  

CloudFest isn’t our usual playground at SitePlug, but guess what? It’s a hotspot for domain industry professionals —the very crowd we’re hunting for! This event, bursting with energy from cloud wizards to tech maestros, marks Europa-Park’s epic comeback from winter’s nap.   

Following this, the domain centric NDD Camp gathers domain owners, registrars, and industry heavyweights. Though a one-day event right after CloudFest, many attendees opt to attend both, amplifying CloudFest’s appeal among domain professionals. 

From London to New York and Miami, PI Live unites 3,000+ delegates, 80+ experts, curated networking, and unmatched insights for a strategic marketing boost. And we are pleased to be a part of PI Live.   

Karishma Parmar, SitePlug’s Director of Advertiser Sales, has experienced it firsthand and stated, “PI Live is a vibrant hub for connections and partnerships. The curated panels offer actionable insights from top brands and publishers, making them invaluable for us. And let us not forget about the US Partnership Awards, an event to recognize the most successful partnerships, performances, and campaigns of the year in the United States!”  

Adding to this, Karishma excitedly exclaimed, “Apart from sponsoring PI Live, we are also sponsoring  Paresh Connect, a relaxed networking event which is the perfect space for meaningful connections and industry camaraderie.”  

Affiliate Huddle, a vibrant Q2 gathering in the EU, links top UK advertisers in a one-day conference spearheaded by James Little, Group Commercial Director at TopCashback. Growing from 200 to 1,000+ attendees, it’s a prime networking opportunity with a prime location in Brighton, United Kingdom.      

Kirk Miranda, the Advertiser Sales Manager at SitePlug, is absolutely pumped about this event! He believes it’s the ultimate hotspot to mingle with brands, agencies, networks, and publishers and suggests that savvy affiliate marketers attend Affiliate Huddle, offering an enriched and seamless experience.  

Excitingly, this year, our very own Lavin Punjabi, the Managing Director and CEO at Affinity, will take the stage to unveil a game-changing product, NucleusLinks. Adding to the excitement, SitePlug is proudly sponsoring a dedicated Huddle table, serving as the ideal space to discuss how advertisers can boost incremental revenue with our team.  

Gear up up for ThinkTank US, a dynamic networking event powered by AWIN and ShareASale, where Karishma Parmar and Sagar Joshi, our Advertiser Sales leaders, have thrived. Tailored for active players in AWIN or ShareASale partnerships, this event spans two action-packed days this year!

The buzz? An industry report unveils the latest trends, insights, and partnerships just before the event kicks off, setting the stage for an extraordinary experience. With a dedicated networking platform for meetings and a grand Networking Awards ceremony on the final day, ThinkTank ensures innovation, performance, and growth are celebrated in style. Get ready to Think big and make impactful connections!  

In the dynamic digital landscape, this spring gathering – Search & Performance Insider Summit, emphasizes placing the consumer at the forefront with a personalized approach. SitePlug interprets this as a matchmaking endeavor, positioning ourselves as the solution provider in search of the ideal connection with the most sought-after brands and agencies. To make it happen, we create a wishlist of dream advertisers to pair with us.   

It’s a win-win! Mixing business with pleasure is key; last year’s beach games facilitated engaging conversations, and this year, we’re excited for more activities that foster networking in a fun environment.   

Bharat Sharma, COO at Affinity, was impressed with OMR23, and he’s elevating his involvement this year by sponsoring a booth. Clearly, he envisions the event as a prime opportunity for valuable connections and exposure during the event’s bustling two days.  

Packed with insights, motivation, and networking opportunities in the digital world, OMR24 features an exceptional lineup including luminaries such as Kim Kardashian, Tim Ferriss, and Philipp Klöckner, among other prominent leaders.  

Nordic Domain Days has Jonathan Dsouza, Associate Director at SitePlug, buzzing with excitement! This event, a haven for domainers, registrars, and enthusiasts in the Nordic domain scene, is a regional hangout for networking.   

Attending for the first time, Jonathan is not only eager to learn but also thrilled; he puts it simply: “It’s a great opportunity to connect with the domain community. Since this is my first time attending, I’m excited to not only learn but also to see if there are any cool collaborations to explore and show off our performance monetization product, Site Direct.”  

Let’s talk ThinkTank,” says Varun Desai, our Advertiser Sales Director, as he spills the beans on why Awin’s annual conference is an event you shouldn’t miss!  

He highlights the event as a day filled with vibrant affiliate networking, engaging discussions on performance trends, and the chance to delve into substantial data products. Emphasizing that whether you’re deeply entrenched in AWIN or eagerly seeking new connections, this is the ultimate place to be!  

Formerly known as Dealmaker USA, Rakuten Optimism is one of the largest interactive events. With over 1,000 attendees, this year. Rakuten Optimism seems like an unmissable opportunity to inspire and connect.  

Karishma Parmar, our Advertiser Sales Director, ensures that this event goes beyond the ordinary e-commerce discussions—it’s a networking escapade! Round two of the epic pickleball tournament and an energizing morning yoga session are on the agenda. Amidst exciting sports, catch Jason Sudeikis (Ted Lasso) on stage, discussing the power of optimism and building stronger connections through storytelling. Don’t miss this dynamic session!  

Amidst the event’s vibrant activities, take advantage of the networking portal to secure pre-booked meeting slots in advance. The grand finale unfolds with the ‘Golden Link Awards’ ceremony, spotlighting industry leaders in the Rakuten Advertising Network.  

At SitePlug, we take pride in sponsoring ‘Paresh Connect, an ideal space for fostering connections and building relationships.   

Are you thinking outside the box yet? Well, NamesCon is all about thinking very far outside the box! Standing at the top of the pyramid, NamesCon is a perfect platform to build connections. Jonathan Dsouza, Associate Director, is eager to showcase how Site Direct’s monetization solution enhances domain typo portfolios.  

Jonathan concludes by saying, “Networking is king, and since the US is SitePlug‘s home turf, NamesCon Global is the perfect place to catch up with existing partners and score some fresh leads.” – A game plan for him.  

Drawing over 2,000 attendees Global Digital Summit in China across diverse sectors like cloud computing, AI, digital marketing, and cross-border e-commerce, this event stands as a significant gathering.  

Jonathan Dsouza, Associate Director, points out the distinct digital landscape in China, setting it apart from other countries. He sees this event as a chance to connect with local leaders in the Chinese domain ecosystem and explore opportunities with monetization companies.  

Impact’s premier event, iPX, is set to attract around 600 attendees, representing a mix of brands, agencies, and publishers in 2024.  

Sagar Joshi, our AVP of Advertiser Sales, notes, “iPX is a relatively new addition to the affiliate event scene, launched post-pandemic, yet it has swiftly garnered attention and acclaim from various leaders across the globe. With iPX expanding its sponsorship opportunities this year, we’re thrilled to be part of it. The event venue always stands out, offering a space for everyone to come together, fostering an easy-going vibe conducive to engaging conversations.”  

And lastly, join us for our in-house events where it is not just about business; but fostering genuine connections while helping each other thrive. Check out some glimpses of our recent 2024 events below:   

Want to know more about our solutions or our meeting locations during the events? Let’s chat! We’re excited to meet you.