With the new year here, countless individuals across the world embark on a journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Consumer behaviour will center around health consciousness, influenced by cost and value. The booming $4.4 billion health and wellness market offers advertisers profitable opportunities.  

Embracing the Health and Wellness Audience 

With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, consumers prioritize convenience in brand interactions. Brands need to authentically engage, innovate, and ensure visibility in searches, differentiating themselves from competition by creating a smooth shopping experience to resonate with their audience. 

Brands need to connect with high-intent users through quality affiliate channels that will enhance exposure and conversion rates, by integrating performance solutions within their marketing strategies. 

“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them,” Over 1,700 global brands like Vitacost, Nutrisystem, and Swanson lean on SitePlug’s Ad-Tech solutions to create these opportunities.  

Erica Ciporen, Affiliate Marketing Manager at Vitacost, talks about the transformative impact of SitePlug solutions helped in to elevate performance, “In challenging markets, SitePlug increased our AOV and yielded a significantly higher ROAS than our target during our biggest promotional times, Cyber Monday and the Fresh Start January sales running, the optimized CPA strategy with SitePlug was a game-changer, amplified performance, driving a much higher click rate and generating massive increases in revenue, period over period.” How so?

SitePlug’s Ad-Tech: A Symphony of Performance Solutions 

SitePlug’s Ad-Tech performance solutions creates the connection between a brand and a high-intent shopper through a vast network of over 10,000 publisher partners. In the era of health-conscious consumers, where information is sought online, SitePlug positions the brand strategically, ensuring they are visible to a user during their shopping journey. 

1. Site Direct:  Intelligent Solution for Misspelled Brand Searches – Eliminating Competition 

Admits the health-conscious consumer scouring the internet for information and products, knowing this savvy advertisers are leveraging  advanced technologies like SitePlug’s proprietary solution SiteDirect to redirect high-intent users who inadvertently misspell a brand’s website, directing them to the correct website instead of letting land on a competitor website or ad. In a world where every click matters, this feature ensures that potential customers don’t get lost in the vastness of the internet but find their way to the intended brand’s website seamlessly. 

2. Site Suggest:  

  • Guiding the Health and wellness Shopperwith Brand Suggestions 

Site Suggests’ Search Suggestion is another solution in SitePlug’s crown, that influences a high-intent health-conscious shopper to click on the suggested brand. Search Suggestion solution identifies the brand or the keyword the user’s intents while they type on the search bar and suggests the brand’s website even before the user accesses the search results page. This anticipatory approach would help health and wellness brands to be at the forefront of the consumer’s mind, creating a connection before they even start their search journey. 

  • Elevating Brand Visibility out of the SERP 

Using Site Suggest Knowledge Graph card ad placement, health and wellness brands can stand out prominently beyond the SERP, facilitating seamless navigation to the brand’s website for users. This feature identifies the brand a user is searching for and suggests that brand on the right side of the SERP in a unique ad format. This not only can enhance the health brand’s visibility but also boosts clicks, ensuring users find the brand they are looking for effortlessly. 

3. Site Discover: Innovative Placements that Influence the Health-Conscious Choices 

In the world of digital advertising, content is king. SitePlug understands this well and leverages innovative placements to influence the buying decisions of high-intent users. Whether these placements are through content, coupons, discounts, deals, email clients, price comparisons, or reviews, SitePlug captivates users at pivotal moments throughout their shopping experience. It’s about delivering value when it matters the most. 

Elevate Your Campaigns with SitePlug 

Erica from Vitacost confidently attested, “We can rely on SitePlug for their wonderful support of our program, responsiveness to our rapidly changing business needs, and great performance.” As health and wellness brands gear up for the impending surge in consumer interest, SitePlug stands out as the go-to solution for a successful performance campaign. Through the integration of Ad-Tech performance solutions, data-driven insights, and a global network of publisher partners, SitePlug resonates authentically with the health-conscious audience, ensuring a seamless and effective marketing journey. 

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Market Projection Source: Researchandmarkets.com