The travel industry is expecting a surge and looking for a significant rebound from spring 2022 onwards. According to research commissioned by Amadeus, 77% of travelers want to travel in 2022. To travel again, travelers are increasingly open to embracing technology to get the best deals and connect with professional planners that can help them navigate Covid-19 tests, restrictions, changes in entry requirements, visas, flights, accommodation, activities, and backup plans. Even DIY travelers, who usually plan their trips, are now seeking professional help to ensure smooth travel. 

While this provides a much-needed boost to the travel industry after a 2 year-long wait, it also increases competition globally with travel conglomerates, airline operators, and hotels vying for customers’ attention. With about 65% of travelers planning to go big with their travel plans this year, travel brands need to implement a growth strategy to grab customer attention, drive sales, and improve conversions.

Connecting with customers online

With technology at their disposal, travelers consider the online planning phase a thrilling part of their trips. However, too much information can be overwhelming and what consumers need is a simplified and seamless purchase journey. Thus, travel brands and partners are reinventing methods to attract customers and engage smart travelers on their website using destination deals, coupons, gift vouchers, seasonal discounts, etc.

SitePlug offers innovative products like Site Discover, Site Direct and Site Suggest that enable brands to engage with consumers during their research-driven purchase journeys. With Site Discover, brands can influence travelers’ research-driven purchase journeys by nudging them to the travel company’s booking page using widgets, coupons, banners, or email inserts.

Site Direct, another SitePlug offering, recognizes user-generated typos and spelling mistakes and directs them to the travel brand website. It prevents loss of reputation and revenue, improves conversion rates, and delivers better ROI on the marketing budget.

When a user searches for a travel brand online, the Site Suggest algorithm intelligently suggests the travel brand website. It streamlines the complicated purchase journey for the traveler by skipping the search page entirely. Thus, providing an enhanced experience for the traveler and driving better marketing results for the brand.

Delivering a high ROI for travel brands

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) projects that travel and tourism in the United States will reach pre-pandemic levels in 2022, contributing nearly $2 trillion to the US economy.

But is the tourism industry ready for this? With SitePlug’s power of content and search, travel brands can capitalize on this consumer surge to drive increased sales and conversion rates.

Some notable industry stats delivered via SitePlug:

Making the most of the influx in travel

To keep up with these emerging trends, brands are increasing their budget for customer acquisition, audience engagement, and marketing. It is a significant boost for the travel industry, and it allows market players to invest more in the traveler’s journey. Leading global travel brands such as Avianca, TripAdvisor,,,, Etihad Airways, KLM Dutch Airlines, Qatar Airways, and many more have partnered with SitePlug to scale up their reach and drive incremental sales. Marketers would benefit by collaborating with SitePlug to improve conversion rates through seamless customer journeys.

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